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Projects are an integral part of HSE undergraduate programme ever since they were first introduced in 2014. The aim of projects is to involve HSE students in educational, research or professional projects carried out both at the university and beyond. Any HSE unit engaged in research, analysis, consulting, expert, administrative and other activities can propose a project.

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Ведение рубрики о московских мероприятиях и достопримечательностях англоязычном сайте ВШЭ

Recommended for Master’s programmes: Germanica: History and Modernity, Classical and Oriental Archaeology, Visual Culture, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, History of the Modern World, Classical and Modern Orient: Languages, Cultures, Religions, Critical Media Studies, Culture Studies, Creative Writing, Medieval Studies, Politics. Economics. Philosophy, Applied Cultural Studies, International News Production, Russian and Comparative Literature, Russian as a Foreign Language in Cross-Linguistic and Cross-Cultural Perspective, Contemporary Journalism, Contemporary Philology in Russian Language and Literature Instruction at Secondary Schools, Religion and Society, Digital HumanitiesRead more
Registration deadline: February 10, 2023
Project dates: 13 February – 20 June
ECTS credits: 3
Project head: Nikitina, Maria

Technical assistance with the LMS space for the “Population ageing” course

Recommended for Bachelor’s programmes: Foreign Languages and Intercultural Business Communication (Nizhny Novgorod), Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication in Business (Perm), Cultural Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology and Social Informatics (Saint Petersburg), Economics (Perm)Read more
Registration deadline: February 12, 2023
Project dates: 14 February – 15 May
ECTS credits: 2
Project head: Minnigaleeva, Gulnara A.