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Project Fair

Projects are an integral part of HSE undergraduate programme ever since they were first introduced in 2014. The aim of projects is to involve HSE students in educational, research or professional projects carried out both at the university and beyond. Any HSE unit engaged in research, analysis, consulting, expert, administrative and other activities can propose a project.

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HSE Illuminated Magazine Promotion on Social Media (2nd semester 2021/2022)

Recommended for Bachelor’s programmes: Asian and African Studies (Saint Petersburg), Asian and African Studies, Public Administration, Journalism, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, History (Saint Petersburg), Cultural Studies, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Saint Petersburg), Marketing and Market Analytics, Media Communications, International Business, International Business and Management Studies (Saint Petersburg), World Economy, Political Science, Political Science and World Politics (Saint Petersburg), HSE University and University of London Parallel Degree Programme in International Relations, HSE University and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Programme in Economics and Politics in Asia, Psychology, Advertising and Public Relations, Contemporary Art, Sociology, Sociology and Social Informatics (Saint Petersburg), Philology (Saint Petersburg), Economics (Saint Petersburg), Economics, Economics and Data Science, Law (Saint Petersburg)Read more
Recommended for Master’s programmes: Data Analytics for Politics and Society (Saint Petersburg), Business and Politics in Modern Asia (Saint Petersburg), Global and Regional History (Saint Petersburg), Urban Development and Governance (Saint Petersburg), Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication, Integrated Communications, Communications in the Public Sector and NGOs, Data-Driven Communication, Communication and Digital Design, Critical Media Studies, Creative Writing, Marketing Management, Marketing: Digital Technology and Marketing Communications, Media Production and Media Analysis (Saint Petersburg), International Relations in Eurasia, International Relations: European and Asian Studies, Master of International Business, Master in International Business (Saint Petersburg), Master in International Management, Arts and Culture Management (Saint Petersburg), Media Management, Management and Analytics for Business (Saint Petersburg), Management and Marketing in Fashion Industry, Positive Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Programme in Economics, Politics, and Business in Asia, International News Production, Russian Literature in Cross-cultural and Intermedial Perspective (Saint Petersburg), Modern Social Analysis (Saint Petersburg), Comparative Politics of Eurasia (Saint Petersburg), Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics (Saint Petersburg), Cultural and Event Tourism Management (Saint Petersburg)Read more
Registration deadline: January 31, 2022
Project dates: 1 February – 12 June 2022
ECTS credits: 4
Project head: Naboka, Arkadii